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High Quality Trade Show Tension Fabric Graphics and Hanging Signs

High quality fabric graphics  are the way to go when you need visibility high up on the show floor. The idea is to be able to have either a large structure or attention getting graphic images over your booth space that accomplish two things. First, the sheer real estate you own in the air space that came with your exhibit basically doubles the size. Second, getting something that big in the air can be light enough to be suspended without encumbering your exhibit design. The benefits are visibility, the freedom to create daring architecture and a well designed environment in your exhibit booth space that your clients will remember and enjoy. >More

20 Foot Ultra Portable Fabric Display Systems
Trade Show Displays In LosAngeles has top quality tension fabric trade show graphics and hanging signs with perfect graphic images
10 Foot Ultra Portable Fabric Display Systems
TradeShowDisplaysInLosAngeles has top quality tension fabric trade show graphics and hanging signs with perfect graphic images

What will your new exhibit design make them remember about you?

New and fresh ideas in trade show exhibit design require a non traditional approach  and that means looking at your presence on the show floor in terms of exhibit architecture. We live in a sophisticated society with trade show exhibitors in the US and Europe coming up with new ways to out do the other. Most come up with great designs and if you’re going to compete in that arena without spending mint, tension fabric printed or not, is the way to go. Your exhibit design needs an anchor of structure but a hybrid design incorporating modular exhibit components that reconfigure to smaller booth sizes will maximize your trade show marketing dollar and achieve the sales objectives you’ve established for yourself, within budget.

Tension Fabric Graphic Design

The valuable air space people spend millions for in New York City mean nothing if you don’t do something with it on the trade show floor. Effective trade show marketing graphics are direct and to the point and that’s where our 20 years of experience might come in handy. Our corporate clients have fully staffed Marketing Departments that have the background and expertise to develop a concept and execute it. If that’s not you, we can help.  We’ll help you develop your message and deliver it in an effective memorable way.

Substance in your exhibit structure

We use only the finest manufacturers who specialize in the dye sublimation process required to produce the best quality hi resolution graphics that not only illustrate your message but deliver it with impact. The process isn’t accomplished using typical inkjet equipement. We’ll work with you to create a trade show exhibit that will deliver you message and help your customers remember it.

Fore more options please check out our parent company Image Design Communications' Tension Fabric Gallery page.